• They're Back! Slow roasted pistachios with a touch of sea salt—we know you've missed them too!

  • We roast our small batches carefully, paying special attention to the process and ultimately delivering the freshest and best tasting nuts, seeds and nut butters.

  • CB's Clark and Tami Bowen believe food should be both delicious and nutritious; that belief drives the business.

  • CB's Nuts works directly with growing partners to get the best, freshest and most sustainably grown nuts and seeds possible.

Natural vs. Organic

What's in a name? Turns out quite a bit. A humorous video explains what "Natural" really means.

Homegrown, Tastes Great

CB's Nuts is committed to supporting America's farmers. We know good food starts with the growing.

CB's News

Find out what we’re up to at CB’s — from Tasting Room events to the next great recipe that has us up late.

Not in My Nuts

CB’s is committed to sourcing only non-GMO ingredients and supports GMO food labeling initiatives.